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KV Insant Health Mix

KVS Instant Health Mix is a brand founded in 2021 by K. Vanitha Krishna Moorthy They specialize in providing fast, healthy, and convenient meal options. We’ve been providing solutions for people’s daily dietary needs for two years now!

We offer two products – Millet Blackurad Porridge Mix and Millet Fenugreek Porridge Mix, each weighing 200g. Our mixes are perfect for a quick and traditional healthy breakfast/dinner in just 3 minutes. Moreover, all our products are 100% natural, with zero chemicals added, and are made from all-natural ingredients making this a purely homemade product. These ingredients are harvested, processed, and packed with extreme care and adhere to strict hygiene standards, so you can be assured of the highest quality.

KVS Instant Health Mix is the perfect solution for busy parents wanting to nourish their little ones with traditional healthy meals that are packed with vital nutrition. It is also great for grown-ups looking to keep their body fuelled with the best quality natural ingredients.

Start your day with KVS Instant Health Mix – now available in two exciting flavours – and taste the power of natural, healthy ingredients in every spoonful!

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Kv’s Health mix is actually becoming my everyday breakfast and snack drink this works so well. A must-try health mix. I don’t think I will stop buying this❤️❤️❤️

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Sidhu Ramya

KV'S instant mix - very tasty Vendhaya kanji mix and Ulundu kanji mix at a reasonable price. This woman has magic in her hands. Everyone must try this mix.
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Vicky Priya

Very elegant and healthy traditional nutritious food. I have been taking it daily for the last few months. Very nice and instant nutrient porridge for school and college students to improve their health. Very nice.
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Jodhi Raj

Really awesome taste. Highly fiber and protein-rich food.
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Meenakshi Sundareswari

Good product 👌💥 tasty, healthy, thank you for the product.

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